Your TeamSpeak, Our Priority

ZinGuard System 0 可用

Advanced TeamSpeak3 Control, more information can be found on

Default Configuration
- Banlist & Logs Online
- Advanced Stats
- Trusted System
- Economy Module
- Leveling System, based on economy module. [RankSystem]
- AFK System
- Group Auto-Move
- Timeout Safety
- If you want !admin antivpn enabled on your server or not, you can still deactivate it if not needed.

  • // except anti-vpn, for that it's a separate service. - Every feature specified on https
TeamSpeak3 Permissions 0 可用

We will fully configure your server with Ranks, Permissions, Channels, Icons, Advices and even includes life-time support for this specific server while the configuration was not altered by someone else than the technician.

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